Pushing pixels and code has been Daniel Thornbury's game since learning to program BASIC, saved to cassette tapes, on a Commodore Plus/4. Privileged to have witnessed the rise and fall of BBSs (where he met his first girlfriend online in 1995), and to have been one of the first families on the block to have the World Wide Web at home since the mid '90s, he's been working in cyber-space since it came to town. 

Having been banned from using computers in high school (after the Novel network admin access hack and Apple network hack, and creating some trojan horse apps in VB and QBasic that squirreled away passwords), he studied multimedia via an early VET program at another school. Subsequently he stayed on and is honoured to have worked as a multimedia trainer (thanks Mal!), with hundreds of enthusiastic and eager students, during the heyday of Director and Flash. This time, combined with passion for finding the best ways to simplify and navigate an inherently complex landscape, has resulted in his broad and appreciative understanding of the interwebs. 

With an innate desire to find the best possible solution for any task and he's surely not afraid to tear down the walls and rebuild everything to ensure a solid and extensible foundation.

Loves working with
CakePHP, SASS, HTML, jQuery, Organic SEO, (My)SQL, semantic HTML

and making
Customised frameworks, simplified solutions and strategies

Tech and tools we know and love

15 John St,
Fitzroy VIC 3065
ABN: 80 096 989 217